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Painted Commissions: 
$60 base price for each subject, +$10 for each additional subject
Simple background included 
i.e., three characters (60 + 10 + 10) would be $80 total. 

IMPORTANT: Prices are NEGOTIABLE, those listed here are meant to be guidelines only​​​​​​​
Contact me with your request for a quote.
Pokemon Team Commission Special: 
Want a picture of yourself, a friend, or a character accompanied by Pokemon companions?
$60 base price for one subject, +$10 for each additional subject, add only $5 for each Pokemon 

i.e., a character (60) with a full team of 6 (6*5 = 30) would be $90 total.
Two characters (60+10) and 1 pokemon (5) would be $75 total. 
Other Things
Animation, graphic design, pixel art, character design, photo manipulation, special requests, etc. are difficult to standardize. Contact me for a quote.
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